Fairy Tale Wedding

A catered wedding specially customized for you can be had in the center of the city. A wedding service imbued with GLAD’s own sensibilities will guarantee a special wedding tailored just for you based on professional planning and exquisite direction by experts. Transportation is very convenient and the ceiling height ensures plenty of space. To accommodate weddings involving up to 350 guests the Bloom and Welcoming rooms can be connected. You will always have fond memories of your wedding organized and catered by GLAD’s professional staff of planners and caterers.




banquet reservation office (Lower Lobby)

+82. 2. 6222. 5222


In consideration of the concept of the wedding, the Bloom Hall and Welcoming Hall can be connected to accommodate up to 350 guests, and cutting-edge LED walls can be installed at the front for special weddings.
· Area: 492m²
· Size : 17m*27m*5.6m (wide/long/high)
· Seating capacity : 300/banquet, 350/seminas, 400/dinner theater


As it can be connected to the Bloom Hall, it can accommodate up to 50 persons and be used as a small meeting room as well.
· Area: 89m²
· Size: 6.4m x 13m x 2.7m (wide/long/high)
· Seating capacity: 50/banquet, 50/seminar, 60/dinner theater



Subsidiary facilities

· Up to 350 guests can be accommodated
· LED walls at the front of the wedding stage
· state-of-the-art audio devices and lighting facilities
· different stage settings for different events
· latest screen



GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO pursues customer-oriented customized weddings, and customized styling to suit your personal tastes. GLAD will make your wedding unforgettable.



· One-night stay in a GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO room (including breakfast for two)
· 4 free meal tickets at the wedding reception
· wedding limousine service
· free meal tickets on the first wedding anniversary