National Assembly Building

Consturcted in 1975 a considerable part of the National Assembly Building, including the National Assembly Library, is open to the public except during important meetings. Korean citizens over 18 can freely access the National Assembly Library. Interestingly, though the legislature currenly consists of 300 seats, the floor was designed to accommodate up to 400 in case reunification occurs.

Yeouido Park

This is a world-class park that straddles the entirely of Yeouido, which itself is an island adjacent to the southern bank of the Han River. It is considerably larger than other parks and filled with pathways, fountains, sculptures and even basketball courts. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll, take in the sculptures, relax on the benches and even play a few games of pick-up basketball.


The Yeouido Spring Flower festival is held in Yungjungno every year. Yungjungno, located behind the National Assembly Building, is covered with white cherry blossoms every spring, creating a magnificent sight. It is strongly recommended as a place where you can enjoy a spring outing with someone you love or simply hang out with friends and family.

Han River

Yeouido Hangang Park

Yeouido Hangang Park is located right next to Yungjungno. You can rent a tandem bicycle (at an affordable price) and ride along the bike path as part of a date with someone you love, or simply hang out picnicking with friends and family. Numerous events are held in the park throughout the year, such as the Spring Flower Festival, the Seoul International Fireworks Festival and various other performances and marathons, so the park has established itself as a popular attraction for many people. You can also board one of the river ferries that sail up and down the Han River, or simply sit along the riverbank and watch the windsurfers. Fishing is also possible.



Perhaps the most prominent landmark of Yeouido is the famous “63 Building”, so named because it is 63 stories. The building contains a variety of popular attractions like Sea World (a giant aquarium), an IMAX theater, a wax museum and excellent restaurants. At the top is an observation deck that features not only great views of the Han River and the city of Seoul (especially incredible at night) but also the Sky Art Museum.

IFC Seoul

This is the International Finance Center of Seoul. Of the four buildings that comprise the complex, Number 3IFC is currenlty the tallest in Korea. In the IFC Mall located in this building there are a variety of facilities ranging from stores selling electronic products or luxury clothing to a movie theater and various restaurants. It is a perfect place for a date.